Mindful Mission

Embark on WELL3"s mindful missions for a journey into wellness and mindfulness. Each task not only advances your spiritual path but also garners valuable EXP, propelling you towards higher mindfulness levels and enriching your digital experience. Within 24 hours, you will be rewarded with the EXP rewards on the accomplished mission.

Basic Missions Our Basic Missions are daily tasks designed to integrate seamlessly into your routine, fostering consistency in your practice. These missions are refreshing daily, ensuring new opportunities for growth and rewards.

Special Missions Special Missions are limited-time challenges that appear periodically, offering a chance to earn extra and more substantial EXP rewards. Keep an eye out for these unique opportunities to elevate your experience and achievements within the YogaPetz community!

Embark on these missions and transform your daily routine into a journey of self-discovery and communal connection, all while earning and advancing in the world of YogaPetz.

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